presenting nadia ackerman

Nadia Ackerman in her mou chelsea boots.

Creative people are always being asked about their process. For most, the replies share common themes of inner turmoil and self-inflicted torture. There are a select few, however, who are unburdened by such constraints. And singer/songwriter Nadia Ackerman is one of them.

‘Songs just happen to me,’ she says. ‘I can be doing anything and I’ll be hit with one. They stick to me until I can sit down at the piano and download them. And when they come out, they’re fully formed – words, tunes, arrangements, everything.’

It’s an enviable talent to have and it leads to prolific music making – earlier this year Nadia released her debut album The Circus is Back in Town, and she’s got two more in the pipeline.

As well as writing her own music, Nadia is an in-demand backing vocalist. She recently performed with Lady GaGa, Sting, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Shirley Bassey and is the voice behind the global UPS ‘That’s logistics’ advertising campaign.

Listen to Nadia (taken from her debut album The Circus is Back in Town).

The Departure

[audio:|titles=The Departure]

To learn more about Nadia, join her Facebook group or visit her website. The Circus is Back in Town is also available on iTunes.

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4 comments on “presenting nadia ackerman

  1. Stella Brighton on said:

    Thanks for posting this. I was just introduced to Nadia and her music because of the UPS commercial. She seems so great! I LOVE the shoes! Definitely getting myself a pair.


    Stella B.

  2. Jeanne Bruce on said:

    I love this singer! I also discovered her through the UPS commercial.

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  4. jerry rushing on said:

    Is Nadia the one that sang the commercial playing the ‘grim reaper’ that turns into a cigarette girl?

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